Plastic Granulator machine – Crushers one of the key machine used in Plastic Recycling line. Compact body design, special bearings and Powerful Rotor design extends the life of the machine.

  • Granulator Machine components are positioned opposite each other angle, rotary and fixed blades with a scissors movement between breaks. In this way, equal-sized broken product is obtained. Prevents reduces quality of the plastics causing from heat and dust, also lowering the noise. This method lowers the energy consumption.
  • Granulator machines are produced, starts from 100 kg/hr up to 1500 kg/hr
  •  Crushing machines are produced, sizes 40-50-60-70-80-100-120-150
  •  Hydraulic units that controlled by electric panel, opens the upper part of the crasher, therefore Blades can be changed very easily.
  • Heavy-duty Bearings Absorbs easily vibrations and shocks caused during the crashing. Because the Bearing hosing placed separate from the crashing chamber, allows material for wet crashing.
  • According to material, there are 3 kinds of Flat, curved or V type Rotor.
  •  Blades are heat treated hardened to  58 HRC
  • Material comes from Crasher transferred out with Helix screw or Blower.
  •  Rotors are produce’s according to Type of crasher, that’s reduces energy consumption.
  • Screen can be changed easily.
  • Made very strong and tough chassis With MIG welding method, with vibration and shock-absorbing feet mounted on.
  • You can reach every point for cleaning and maintenance. Need minimum maintenance during the service.
  • There are security switches during maintenance for maximum safety at work.